Understanding Public Key Cryptography

Sign: Sender用自己的private key签名后,连同自己的public key,发送出去。Receiver用sender的public key解密 Encrypt: Sender用Receiver的public key加密,发送出去。 Signing Because the private key in a key pair belongs to only one party, »

A working intro to Cryptography

1. Symmetric Keys Block Cipher Stream Cipher 1.1 Block Ciphers Operate on blocks of data, typically 16 bytes (16个字母) 8bit = 1 byte 假如不够,就在末尾加.通常第一 »

Android N Encryption之局限

0. Background: file and disk encryption Full Disk Encryption (FDE) systems (like Truecrypt, BitLocker and FileVault) encrypt disks at the level of disk sectors. This is »