2016 Year End Review

做得好的地方: 肯做 research 愿意与人分享 来年的 Expectation (潜台词是做得不好的地方): People Soft Skills Presentation Skills 个人建议: 良禽择木而栖, 选择新的老板. 公司前景: 部门Over budget, 前景悲观 UK刚裁员 公司架构: 重组方案将于3月发布. 公司的要求: Mandatory Training 按时翻工 »

DNS Setting

Check DNS server Open a command window C:\Users\4xxxx>ipconfig/all Add DNS server to Kali $ echo "nameserver" > /etc/ »

cntlm enterprise proxy

Linux $ apt-get update $ apt-get install cntlm Sample Configuration: # # Cntlm Corporate Authentication Proxy Configuration # Olivier HO-A-CHUCK (olivier hoachuck at gmail dot com) # # NOTE: all values are parsed »

Working with Grails behind a proxy

Update (2017-4-25): Npm, Bower, Git, and Bash Proxy Configurations ProxySettings.groovy workProxy=["http.proxyHost":"proxy.work.com", "http.proxyPort":"8080", "http.proxyUser":"myusername", "http.proxyPassword":"areallysecureone" »