Book - The Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook

Cycript Basics Usage Example OnYouriOSDevice:~ root# cycript -p BookExamples cy# cy# var hello = [[NSString alloc] initWithString:"Hello"]; @"Hello" cy# hello.length 5 cy# hello = [hello stringByAppendingString: »

Book - Mobile Penetration Testing Part III

1. Reverse engineering Extract the class information Class-dump-z /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/<UUID>/ NIN: class-dump-z不支持64bit。我们还是用class-dump吧。 还有一个叫 classdump-dyld Ref: iOS »

Book - Mobile Penetration Testing Part II

Android Debug Bridge 需要先Enable USB Debugging. 位置: Settings - Developer Options 假如未发现Developer Options, 点 Settings - About Device - Build Number 七次. adb devices ➜ localstorage adb »